Company Policies

Graphic Art Proof:

Each proof designed is intended for visual purposes only. We strive for all graphics to match as close as possible to what you see in your approved proof. However, some elements may get lost in translation from proof to template during production. We will NOT replace your items if a minor graphic detail is missing unless it has intrinsic value or alters the entirety of the uniform in a negative way. This will be at the company’s discretion. Our remedies for this type of issue is to give you store credit equal to 30% of your purchase price for those items toward your next TEAM package purchase and allow you to keep the items in question or offer you a refund of your money for those items when they are returned. 

Apparel Sizing:

Our company has an extensive sizing guide to aid in properly sizing your team’s players. If the instructions are followed properly, then your items should fit as intended or slightly bigger than normal. They should never be too small. If your items are too big then we can adjust them down one size for free. You will have to get an RMA # and ship them back to us at your expense. We will NOT replace items that are too small if they match our manufacturer sizing parameters as shown on our sizing guide and show no other defects from production. All sizes have a nominal tolerance of +/- 1”. 

Color Match:

Each one of our 28 colors have been selected by our expert staff to closely match our offered non-sublimated items. One should not be able to see a large difference in color from a reasonable distance. Due to calibration variances between monitors, smartphones, and tablet displays as well as the difference in ink on printed paper approvals, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of colors you are viewing will be an exact match to the items you receive. Every color will print differently on fabric depending on the GSM (grams per square metre), weight and type. For these reasons, we do not offer refunds or replacements for color issues for shades of color. Only obvious mistakes in color (i.e. lime green instead of forest green) will be eligible and must abide by other policies and warranty.

Delivery Time:

 We DO NOT guarantee or promise delivery dates. Our goal is to ship completed items in 30 days or less from when a customer has approved their art, submitted a completed team information sheet and paid for their order in full. However, we reserve the right to take up to an additional 30 days to correct any production errors before we offer any alternative remedies.  STARTING JUNE 1, 2019 - All TEAM PACKAGE orders paid for after 06/01/19 will be GUARANTEED to be completed and shipped within 30 days from the PRODUCTION START DATE or a refund of 25% off the order for all items that were not shipped in that time frame will be given. The value for each item in orders where there are discounts given will be determined as the lowest discounted price amount offered by us for sale. This guarantee is only for INITIAL order of a TEAM PACKAGE and does not include items that may experience production errors and need to be replaced or repaired or ADD Ons which may be added after production has started. The PRODUCTION START DATE is determined to be the next business day after the LATEST date that the  following three conditions are satisfactorily met: ARTWORK PROOF FINAL APPROVAL, ELECTRONIC DELIVERY OF AN ACCURATE -ERROR FREE- TEAM INFORMATION SHEET, FINAL FULL PAYMENT OF THE TEAM PACKAGE ORDER.

Custom Order item:

Any item that has a team logo, name or number is deemed CUSTOM APPAREL it is also deemed non-saleable and is NOT eligible for ANY refund. The only remedies are to replace or repair according to our company policies and warranty.

Wrong item or Damaged item:

We will provide you with return postage. Once we receive the returned item(s), we will then issue an immediate refund or replace the item as quickly as possible based on production schedule and inventory.

ADD ON item:

We offer the ability to reproduce items from previous orders. However, we do not guarantee the style, material, color or graphic will exactly match the previous order if the ADD ON item is purchased greater than 30 days from the delivery of the original order. There are no refunds, return or replacement for ADD ON items based on issues involving the listed criteria. However, all other policies apply. 


Visit our shipping policy page.


All returns require an Return Merchandis Authorization (RMA) and will not be accepted without one. Visit our return policy page.


It is a 1 year limited warranty. Visit our warranty policy page. 


At Zulu Bravo Sports, we assume our customers have the rights for all trademarked and/or copyrighted logos and designs they submit. We will assume no responsibility in any trademark or copyright infringement disputes. By purchasing from us, the customer agrees to assume any/all liability resulting from actions or demands brought against us for trademark or copyright infringements.